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Marc Dumaine​

Expert in human potential, MBA
Speaker, trainer, facilitator

Marc Dumaine completed a bachelor’s degree in Management in 2008 and a MBA in Business Strategy one year later, both from HEC Montréal.

Winner of the 2019 MBA Challenge, he got this prestigious award for his innovation in response to a strategic mandate at Kruger, a pulp and paper company. His career path led him to excel in public relations at the Casino de Montréal for five years. He later played a consulting role for the Cirque du Soleil and various other companies.

Despite these great opportunities, Marc felt the need to devote himself to his primary passion: human excellence. He therefore decided to get a doctorate in mental health, but quickly shifted to study NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), hypnosis, cardiac coherence and emotional intelligence. That is what made him realize the importance of having an optimal life plan and instilled the need to educate people on everything that traditional schools don’t teach us: the LIFE SKILLS!

More than five years ago, he founded Asana Coaching, now recognized as one of the largest training and coaching centres in Quebec. After more than 4,000 hours of coaching, Marc is internationally recognized as an expert in optimizing the full potential of both organizations and individuals. His clients are professional athletes, business people and showbiz artists. In 2012, Asana Coaching is named partner of the ETS network 15,000 engineers and became the official coach for Sutton Excellence.

As a speaker, he motivates and educates both corporate clients (Sûreté du Québec, school boards, Basco World, ETS, CPE) and the general public across Canada. Recently, Marc was hired as a visiting professor at Laval University to offer non-verbal communication to graduate students in medicine. He is also the executive coach for Bloom (Best Employer 2017) and its 45 employees, managers and shareholders.