marc dumaine

Marc Dumaine

Expert in human potential, M.B.A.

As a coach, Marc truly believes that everyone has a sacred mission to accomplish in life and that all it takes to find one’s way more quickly is to have an effective guide and mentor. This belief is core to his life mission.

That is why he is interested in developing tools adapted to organizational systems and the development of relational processes allowing a coherent and flexible alignment to the changes companies are facing.

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“The best hidden phenomenon in Quebec.”

Danielle Grégoire
Assistant to the Vice-President, International Affairs
Investissement Québec

"His approach is personalized, refreshing and contemporary."

Veronique Morin
Director of sales and business development

The M Academy.

A revolution in the world of personal growth.

The M Academy is the most complete online school in the francophonie to develop your “life skills”. In order to offer excellence to his clients, Marc uses an approach based on both his academic background (bachelor’s degree in management, MBA in business strategy, NLP, humanist hypnosis) and his experience as an expert in human potential, a speaker and a corporate trainer.

“The most profitable investment is to invest in yourself!”

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Whatever decisions you make in life, the best way to be happy and succeed personally and professionally is to get to know yourself better.

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“Anything is possible when you take 100% responsibility
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Because it all starts with the phrase: “I love myself very much”, Marc founded the M movement to teach as many people as possible to love and respect themselves.  By joining the movement, you finally decide to see yourself as the most important person in your life!